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ikazuchi - simple translation helper

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ikazuchi - simple translation helper

ikazuchi helps to translate document using web translate APIs efficiently. ikazuchi is intended to work with other tools since it’s a CUI tool.


Now, ikazuchi is under development.

  • ikazuchi can use 2 APIs, Google Translate API and Microsoft Translator. (Yahoo! Pipes is not supported as formal feature.)
  • Translate any string passed from command line argument
  • Translate any string in Vim using ”:pyfile” command
  • Detect language of any string passed from command line argument
  • Extend Handler with plug-in to your needs

Additionally, these features are provided by plug-in.

  • Translate reST document file keeping with the format (included in ikazuchi)
  • Translate GNU gettext catalog named PO file with good reference from web API (provided by ikazuchi.plugins.pofile)
  • Provide Text to Speech feature for given text or translated text (provided by ikazuchi.plugins.speech)
  • Work with blockdiag as ikazuchi Translator (provided by ikazuchi.plugins.blockdiag)

See also

See API Terms of Use for each APIs you want to use.

API Terms of Use

ikazuchi follows those the TOS of each APIs.

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